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What is Torricelumn™

Pronounced: / TOR-RIS-SA-LUM/

A superior moisturizing complex that has revolutionized skin care, Torricelumn™ is a powerful proprietary anti-aging ingredient compound.

A blend of vitamins, proteins, botanicals and anti-oxidants that penetrate deep into the skin helping to dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, help even out the look of skin imperfections and help make skin feel silky smooth and more resilient.


In 3rd party test studies, Torricelumn™ has been shown to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and increase skin hydration, elasticity, firmness and smoothness.

The heart of Torricelumn™ is extracted from the algae leaf but the true transformative power lies within the pods that keep them afloat. The pods give the leaves buoyancy bringing them to the ocean's surface to absorb sunlight and photosynthesize oxygen. This is how they get life and energy!

Once gathered from the sea, the plants undergo a heating process. Biologically active substances and a mixture of natural sea vitamins and minerals are infused and the superior moisturizing compound is created.

Never Too Early| Never Too Late

Torricelumn™ helps target the appearance of lines & wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone, dullness and sagging skin. Within days the skin will look smoother and within weeks lines will appear diminished. With continuous use the skin appears younger looking.

Every Elizabeth Grant skin care product contains Torricelumn™ and, in it’s most concentrated form, our Suprême Essence Of Torricelumn™.

Get into your skin and start seeing results within 28 days.

The Story Behind Torricelumn™:

The Secret Swims Deep

The ocean - dramatic, powerful, the sea of life. Beneath the waves, secrets are revealed.


Suspended in the cool, pristine, nutrient-rich waters is an ocean forest. In this forest, light and sound travel differently. Gravity and buoyancy dance together; as in space, the body hangs suspended; the rules are changed.

The Waves Mark The Spot

The forest grows only in strong currents. Built to survive and thrive in the constant turbulence of the surf zone, these strange, flexible ocean trees yield the secret of elasticity as they tenaciously resist the swirling currents.

The Forest Of The Ocean

Kelp is the forest of the ocean. It's dense canopy of fronds darkens the water beneath. Like its terrestrial quivalents, this forest too, has its seasons. Winter storms rip fronds from stalks, sometimes uprooting entire plants, wrenching their tenuous grip from the ocean's floor.

In the Spring, the gaps that Winter leaves are filled with new growth. A unique event is triggered in the first quarter of the growth season... signaling our divers to begin the harvest of Torricelumn™'s core ingredient.

Buoyant Skin Starts Here

The heart of Torricelumn™ is extracted from the fronds but the true secret of its transformative powers is hidden within the pods that keep the clusters of fronds afloat. These pods lift the leaf-like fronds to the ocean's surface, allowing them to absorb sunlight, photosynthesizing oxygen, the source of life and energy.

The seawater absorbed by kelp is similar to human plasma, allowing us to obtain the full nutritive benefits of the sea's vitamins and minerals through the process of osmosis. To preserve their freshness, the plants must reach the laboratory by nightfall. There they go through an endothermic process. Biologically active substances and a soup of natural sea vitamins, nutrients and minerals bond together. This is how the substance known as Torricelumn™ is formed.

Torricelumn™ - the compound that has revolutionized skin care.